Why we do what we do


The "why"

I often feel it upon my heart to reflect on my journey, my children, my life, the blessings that come through our pain, our survival and our “mission” – our purpose in this life. I can’t begin to imagine the fear and pain that my daughters, and so many others have experienced at the hands of a cherished loved one. I can imagine and feel the pain and guilt a mother feels for not protecting her babies from the evils of this world. 

My heart does not always understand the fact that I “did not know what was happening” and I can’t change that. The guilt comes when I think “how could I not have known”? Why couldn’t I spare my children these awful experiences? I beat myself up every day. Was I too consumed with my own trauma to see theirs? But we survived. 

We have been blessed beyond measure and want you to know that you are not alone! 

Man, woman, child – the abuse is real, but so is the healing. We are here to help. Through our pain, because of our pain, we have been blessed to share and help others heal. Through glory, power, and the  never ending love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there is HOPE.  For, without the rain, we cannot have the rainbows!

Let us teach fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers to mentor, to guide, to love and not to control and hurt each other. There is so much pain in this world – let the healing begin with me. My two daughters and I have survived domestic abuse. They are both survivors of sexual assault as well.  We deal with PTSD in the emotional form.

As a Law Enforcement / Military family, we also know and appreciate the sacrifices and needs of our combat survivors and first responders who deal with PTSD in a much different way.

PTSD comes in a variety of forms and we want to help.  

We have been blessed with our animals and know first hand how our four legged friends can help us heal in their own way, trauma therapy ptsd recovery.