About Us



"Where Grace is at the Reins"


What We Do

We are established by victims for victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, & PTSD to find their own purpose & strength though the love of Jesus Christ and the peace and love of His gifts 


How We Do It

Animals can be God's greatest healers.  Through donations and grants we can help others heal by providing therapy dogs to those who need them for comfort and support - free of charge.  We can provide healing equine encounters and therapy dogs, riding lessons, worship and prayer.  We will have a facility specially designed for prayer groups, worships, healing, etc.

Meet the "Family"



Esther is the foundation of our breeding program for our therapy dogs.  All of the therapy dogs that come from Freedom Reigns (for now) will be Bernese Mountain Dogs.  Big, fluffy, and loyal, these dogs are great companions.  



We affectionately call this old girl "The Teacher".  Born in 1999, she is an AQHA mare with credentials in Reining, Hunter Under Saddle, and Youth Halter.  Her best "credentials" however are raising my daughters and several other youth.



Cash is Taylor's girl.  Affectionately dubbed the "Power Pony", Cash can do it all.  She has a big heart and an even bigger "booty". 



Harley was donated to us in 2015.  Before our "vision" came to us.  She was to be a barrel racing horse for me.  But as our vision develops, and she gets some training, she will go into the therapy program in one way or another.  

Jamie (with Jesus)


Rest in peace our sweet girl.  Though you are gone, you will not be forgotten.  We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.



Foaled right here at the place in 2014, Gabby is another "up and coming". Her momma was Taylor's old show mare who broke her leg and could no longer compete.  Her daddy is an APHA World Show qualifier.  When we get the funding she will also go to the trainer and fit in nicely to the therapy program.

More "Family" members and progress



When Jamie passed, there was a whole in our hearts.  Especially Brian's.  His companion and confidant was gone.  Taylor, our daughter, found Bugsy, and made this happen on her own.  How blessed we are to have such kind, giving children and an even more amazing God.



I have searched far and wide for "the one"  to replace Jessie as she ages.  God showed me this angel -  ELS Playin for Keeps - aka "Justice".  Thank you to Larry and Earlene Shelton, Shelton Quarter Horses in Council, Idaho.  Funding needed to help bring her home and raise her up as the "old one" has been raised so that she too can help others heal. 


We spent the summer working to make things better for our sweet "critters" and our participants.  Much more needs done.  Great community service projects for Scout troops, 4-H clubs, church groups etc. 

The "War Room"


This is a huge need for us right now financially.  While we are ready and able to hold group meetings, prayer groups, recovery groups, etc. However, we need siding and a roof ASAP to prevent deterioration of our gathering place.

Upcoming projects

Roof and Side the "War Room", fix the water lines, plant the posts and build the corrals, haul off the garbage and clean up, build some new fences, haul sand into the round pen, and dig the arena.


One in ten children are victims of sexual abuse.

Domestic Abuse is NOT just physical.  It is emotional, psychological, financial, etc.

First responders are more than 30% more likely to be diagnosed with PTSD .than the national average.