Demolition and Clean up


This project requires heavy equipment to demolish an "add on" (on the shop) and haul off  several dump loads of "junk".  This project is not heavy in cost, but definitely heavy in time and labor.

Riding Area


In an effort to have a SAFE and efficient area to ride, this phase is the most costly, time consuming and labor intensive.  We will need approximately $5,000, dozens of posts, rails, panels, and a great deal of sand to complete this project to our specifications.  We envision a 65' round pen and a 150'x200' arena with loads and loads of sand.  

The "War Room"


What was to be our "shop" will now be an area to meet, worship, have group meetings, be "at home" and comfortable in sharing our stories, and house the "girls" and their pups (future therapy dogs) at times.  As you can see, it needs sided and a new roof.  The interior is heated and has a concrete floor.  Some tape and texture and "decorating" on  the inside is necessary.  We have a bid for the roof at $4,500, but I think we can do it cheaper.  Anyone with the "connections" to help us out - it is appreciated.  

Therapy Dogs


Our vision is to provide the Bernese Mountain Dogs to approved homes as therapy/service dogs.  While we are able to do some of the training and support here, extensive training will need to be outsourced. As part of our "vision", the cost of the dog, spay/neuter, vaccinations and routine medical care would be provided. Because our females are health tested and come from reliable breeders, we hope to provide the most healthy and long living Berner we can.  The lineage of our girls is excellent and we intend to breed to males who have the same qualities.  Our goal is to provide healthy happy therapy dogs with a longevity of 10-12 years.  Could we do "pound rescues"? Of course.  But we cannot be educated about the temperamant or health of a rescue dog.   The cost of each dog will range in price from $1,500-$2,500 depending on the support and training.  Our plan is that the price will include the spay/neuter, vaccinations, and support/training. We are fully committed to making sure this is a "bond" that will last for years.

Dog facilities


This is probably the least expensive and labor intensive "project".  However, it is no less important.  We want our fur babies to have adequate space to run, be fully contained, safe and healthy.  The cost on this is approximately $1,000 for proper fencing, kennels, etc.  



Many years have been spent researching bloodlines and pedigrees of our horses.  Denise has spent a lifetime with horses and we are very particular about this part of our program.  We focus on the foundation quarter horse as this, in our experience, is the most reliable temperament and trainability for our needs.  That being said, we are of the age that breaking them ourselves is not a wise idea.  The donation of time and experience of good trainers, horse shoers, etc. are not only welcome, but appreciated.  The rest we can still do.  The cost of breaking/training a good horse averages $700/mo.  Based on our knowledge and experience, 60-90 days would be great. After that, we are not so concerned about much.  Hay and feed are another expense that we incur.  We have been generously offered some horses that we trust, but the cost of hay is a never ending adventure.  We feed excellent quality hay and our horses are never short of feed.  Our annual expense in feed will run $3,000-$4,000 depending on the number of horses and their uses.  

What's Happening



We are having a fundraising even April 6th, 2019 in conjunction with Child Abuse awareness month and Autism Awareness month.  We will start the day out with a "Mutt Run" and later an indoor even (plans are still in the works).  We are in need of sponsors and donations of raffle and silent action items. 



All of Esther's tests are back and she passed.  She didn't even study.  What a smart girl.  We will be planning a breeding on her next heat cycle in June 2019!

Fund Raising


We are in need of fund raising ideas and donations to get some things going for the riding and puppies :) Our fundraising goal is $50,000 annually.

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Our Needs


Here is a list of some things we need.  If you can donate man power or help with any of these we won't turn it down.

  • Fence Posts / Railroad ties
  • Lodgepole rails
  • Livestock panels
  • Water lines - Thank you Changing Seasons for taking care of this need!!!
  • Water troughs
  • Feed bunks / mangers
  • Excavation work
  • Graphic design - Thank you Brandon Ohmie for our Logo design.  Praise God!!
  • Advertising
  • Flyers
  • Hay (must be clean and excellent quality)
  • Veterinary services
  • Landscaping (not just the pretty kind)
  • Promotional Video
  • Insurance coverage
  • Concrete work
  • Large Kennels
  • Siding for the shop
  • Carpenter work
  • Electrical work
  • Arena panels
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Arc Welder
  • 4-wheeler w/cart and plow
  • Hey...a tractor would be great :) 



This little "furbaby" is doing exactly what she was intended to do - bring joy and healing.  She is a cherished addition and we are hopeful for her future.  We are SO in love with this little "charismatic" fur ball!!!



A HUGE shout out to those who have offered their time, services, and assistance to get us moving forward!!!

  • CHANGING SEASONS NURSERY - Water lines and landscaping
  • BRANDON OHMIE - Logo and graphics
  • NICK GARCIA - PUERTO VALLARTA - Fundraising event
  • MY "SPECIAL" HELPERS - Rae, Cia, Piper, Gracie, Jaxxon, Jax...

We could not do this without you!!!  Great things are coming - GOD IS GOOD...

What's Happening


Great News!!!

Welcome to "Bugsy" and "Justice".  Two new additions to our therapy program.  Funding needed to help get them in training to be our future therapy horses.  

Fund Raising Efforts

We are in need of donations and fiscal sponsors.  Every little bit helps.


We already have great success stories!  We will share them with you very soon. We are working with the Victim Coordinator and Prosecutors Office for Bannock County, Family Services Alliance in Pocatello, counselors, churches, and other local agencies and organizations. 

Our Needs

While cash donations are great, we also welcome donations of service, time, and physical items as follows:

  • Fence Posts / Railroad ties
  • Fence rails (lodge pole rails)
  • Livestock Panels
  • Watering Troughs
  • Feed Bunks / Mangers
  • Land Scaping (more than just the pretty kind) - Thank you to CHANGING SEASONS NURSERY for helping us out here
  • Hay (must be clean, dry and high quality)
  • Veterinary Services
  • Farrier Services
  • Media - promotional video, graphic design, etc.
  • Manual Labor
  • Water Lines - Thank you again to CHANGING SEASONS NURSERY for helping us out here
  • Frost Free Hydrants (5' bury)
  • Concrete / concrete services
  • Large outdoor kennels
  • Siding for the War Room
  • Roof for the War Room
  • Arena Panels
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • 4-wheeler 
  • A tractor would be great...not gonna lie :)
  • Arc Welder
  • Excavation work
  • Halters
  • Riding Helmets


We are officially "official".  We have received our determination letter from the IRS, retroactive to February 8, 2018.  All donations are tax deductable.

We have a waiting list of participants and activities.  Funding is needed to prepare to help.  God will provide for His vision for us.